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The Danish physicist and Nobelist Niels Bohr once hung a horseshoe over his doorway. Appalled friends exclaimed that surely he didn’t put any trust in such pathetic superstition. “No, I don’t,” he replied with composure, “but apparently it works whether you believe in it or not.”

--as told by Christopher Hitchens to Vanity Fair



As an astrologist who has committed more than 23 years to studying, researching and consulting in astrology, Jay works with individuals to understand the purpose underlying specific real-life situations in all facets of living, be it romantic relationships and compatibility, parent or child relationships, work and business timing, health, etc. Based in the New York metro area, he serves with clients throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia, and in Israel and South Africa, spanning the fields of beauty, design, entertainment, finance, politics and beyond. 


A sensitive, intuitive Triple Pisces, Jay’s interest in astrology developed at an early age. He began studying metaphysics and the paranormal by seven years old, and conducted his first astrological consulting sessions at nine with the aid of Radio Shack’s Astro by Kosmos, the world’s first handheld astrological computer, a gift from his father. 


In 1995, Jay began working with astrology in earnest, and shortly thereafter, paired with actuary Karen Fischer, an astrology enthusiast who had written a thesis on the successful handicapping of thoroughbred races, to create research and consulting practice AustinFischer. As an elite mathematician and statistician, Karen brought a new perspective to the analysis of planetary cycles and their correlate to human behavior and events. 


Jay simultaneously built a career as publicist serving the worlds of luxury fashion, real estate and travel, with many PR clients becoming astrology clients over the years.

While astrology could be described as “spiritual,” our approach is decidedly practical and non-mystical, with a focus on personal accountability. Our goal is to provide you with insights and timing that you can use in your quest to reach your fullest potential.



On her way.

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